Pallet Inspection Club

This service is for our members that wish to use our employees and warehouse for their inspection and prep services for Amazon and eBay sales channels.

1.  You will need to join this liquidation pallet inspection service. That cost is $100 per month. As long as you are a member of the service, you will be able to send us a limited number of pallets for inspection at a greatly reduced, inclusive, cost. Please see below for a breakdown of the per pallet costs.

2.   When you bid on a pallet at, you will enter our warehouse as the shipping address.

3.   If you win the auction, and after you have paid for the auction, will ship the pallet to our warehouse.

4.   We will give you a special website where you can then pay the pallet inspection and processing fee, and enter the manifest URL and transaction ID for the specific auction that you won so that the pallet can be correctly received.  

Once you are in this program, you will be able to purchase pallet inspection services on a per pallet basis, whenever you need, them, as long as this membership stays current.  

Go ahead and finish your checkout in order to gain access to the instructional modules on exactly what you need to do to have pallet sent to our warehouse for inspection and listing.

Here are the per pallet inspection fees based on the number of items on each pallet:

101-150 Products - Pallet Inspection and Listing Service - $99.99

76-100 Products - Pallet Inspection and Listing Service - $79.99

50-75 Products - Pallet Inspection and Listing Service - $69.99

26-50 Products - Pallet Inspection and Listing Service - $59.99

25 Products or Less - Pallet Inspection and Listing Service - $35.00


Here is what you will receive as a member of the club:

The ability to send one pallet to our warehouse for inspection per inspection service purchased (see above).  You can purchase up to TWENTY SIX (basically one truckload) of pallets per month PER MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PURCHASED.  So, if you plan on sending in more than 26 pallets per month, you would want to check out with a DIFFERENT email address and purchase a second membership.  If more than 26 pallets are received in a months time, there is a $100/pallet administrative fee that will be assessed, but your pallet will be accepted, received and inspected.

We will receive your pallet and assign an experienced product inspector to inspect each and every item on your pallet.

A determination will be made of the condition and salability of each item.

We will then list that item on either Amazon or eBay as appropriate.

Items that are deemed unsellable, for any reason, will be disposed of, immediately.

Inexpensive items of a like nature will be bundled together and sold on eBay in an attempt to obtain the highest aggregate price.  For example, if you send us a pallet of baby items, and there are ten items with a value under $10 each, at our discretion we may "bundle" five items (or more or less) together and offer them as a lot purchase in order to either obtain a profit, or at a minimum, recover the costs incurred from purchasing those items.

You will receive an email with a link to the Google Doc showing the inspection results for each item on your pallet after the entire inspection is complete.

As an additional user with limited privileges in your Amazon account, we will create all of the products, assigning them an appropriate SKU, and listing those items for sale on Amazon. We will then create a shipping plan, download FNSKU labels, prepare the FBA inbound shipment, upload the box specs, download the UPS inbound shipping labels, and cause the boxes to be sent to Amazon FBA.

For items to be sold on eBay, we will list them on our eBay account. Once a month we will send you an accounting of any item sold, and remit to you 50% of the net profit(meaning listing fee's and shipment costs would be deducted before the 50% commission).

Any items with a value of less than $20 will be discarded if they are unable to be sold on Amazon. If any lower cost items make sense to put into a higher value bundle, we will do so. However, due to the shipment costs of these items and lower offers for these items, items with a retail value of $20 or less are not profitable on Ebay.

Any items that are "broken" or in need of parts in order to function properly, will be offered for sale only on eBay, with an appropriate description, and appropriately priced.  There is no provision for warranty services when using our prep/listing services. Pallet Inspection Program

 If you want our professional team to receive, inspect, and list the products you purchase from, you must be a member of this Pallet Inspection Program.  This monthly payment helps subsidize the cost of running such a program at a highly discounted per pallet price for up to 26 pallets per month, per membership.  

$100.00 USD every month